Foreclosure Data

Foreclosure Data

As foreclosures persist in possessing a large share of the real estate market, MIBOR continues to explore ways to best arm members with the most relevant data. This concentration began in 2003 when MIBOR partnered with several other regional organizations to commission a foreclosure study from the National Association of REALTORS®. That study was repeated in 2004. Since that time, staff and association leaders have regularly participated in numerous groups and taskforces of stakeholders all interested in understanding the issue, its causes and possible solutions. 

The discussions have been valuable, and reliable data has always been a key ingredient. To that end MIBOR has contracted with 10K Research, a Minneapolis-based research firm serving the real estate industry, to produce a quarterly report of foreclosure activity in central Indiana. The most recent report will be published here each quarter.

1st Quarter 2015 Data

2nd Quarter 2015 Data

3rd Quarter 2015 Data

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