BLCĀ® Technology Tools

BLCĀ® Technology Tools

technology tools

Inspiration is only achievable when each of our members feel empowered by the organization behind them, and confident in the resources it provides them.

Below are technology resources that are provided to enable our members to best serve their clients.

All of these tools are accessed through your MIBOR BLC Dashboard.

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The MIBOR Broker Listing Cooperative® is your multiple listing service. We call it a cooperative because that term better describes the cooperation and connections created between both the listing and selling broker resulting in a single, reliable source of data. Central Indiana REALTORS® and consumers benefit from the efficient and healthy real estate market the MIBOR BLC® Listing Service creates.

  • Accessed from your MIBOR dashboard, the MIBOR BLC® Listing Service is your tool for listing and finding properties for your clients.

MIBOR Market Insights

The premier interactive dashboard built for analyzing market statistics.

  • compare trends across multiple areas
  • filter down to your unique market segment
  • review any time period
  • analyze price distributions

HomeSnap Pro

Go to the iTunes or Google Play store and download HomeSnap for free. Once downloaded, set up an Agent ( account using your MIBOR member number.

  • Broker Public Portal Ensures fair display guidelines, keeping the agent/consumer relationship intact b y clearly noting the Listing Agent on all listings, and communicating to the Buyer Agent when the consumer is linked to their profile.
  • Full, real time data from the BLC® with on the go features, messaging, snapping feature which allows you to take a picture from within the app and access and save property data.
  • HomeSnap Pro is free to MIBOR members Pro+ and advertising options are offered for a fee.

Down Payment Resource

Identifies potential Down Payment Assistance programs based on client or property information.

  • DPR matches income limits, household size, and other qualifying characteristics.
  • Lead generation and marketing tools are available to target clients who could benefit from Down Payment Assistance. Graphics Library, Social Media Images, Customizable Flyers, which all link the leads back to you as the source.
  • Within the BLC®, properties are identified by location and price point to determine if they’re eligible programs available. When identified, an icon appears in the single line and full displays.
  • When properties that have been identified with programs is emailed to a client, the icon (Green Circle with sign and blue check mark icon) appears on the listing in the client portal. A client clicking on the icon is taken to the consumer form to drill down further.
  • This is intended to be a starting resource for clients, who would then need to be connected with a lender that can further evaluate and qualify them for any assistance.
  • Agents can utilize the portal to find lenders who support the DPR programs.

Homes Connect consumer search site (national portal), with Homes Connect as
the Agent tool.

  • Contact Management system contains a place to start curating lists o f potential clients.
  • Email Marketing contains templates of newsletters, drip email campaigns, and message boilerplates that you can customize.
  • Automation settings are built in to place incoming leads in marketing campaigns.
  • Add on features are available for purchase.


Go to the iTunes or Google Play store and download the SentriKey app.

  • Login: Your user name Mibor #-mibor
  • Dashboard accesses anything having to do with SentriLock. It’s your dashboard to manage your account, assign a lockbox to a listing, generate 1 day codes, etc.
  • Download the App ( associated with SentriLock. Turns you Phone into a SentriCard. The SentriKey Mobile App allows you to use your Smart Phone or Tablet to access a box, and includes the availability for instant showing notifications and lockbox management.
  • You can use your SentriKey phone app on all types of Sentrilock lockboxes.
  • Lockboxes are available from the Realtor Store and provide secure and consistent access to listings. Only Realtors® may access the boxes, and every access is recorded. A lockbox owner may allow specific entry by issui ng a code for a contractor or special access need.
  • The app also contains an Agent Safety feature that can be used when showing properties. You will be automatically prompted to set up an emergency contact and walk through the feature when you first log in.
  • Check out ths three minute video on how to use the SentriKey application to open every type of lockbox.
  • Very Good 3 minute MIBOR video on exactly how to use the SentriKey phone app to open every type of lockbox.


Accessible through the MIBOR Dashboard, it is a full transaction management platform, with all Indiana and BLC® transaction forms.

  • Register for your FREE account at
    • NRDS required. Once logged in, go to Legal/Forms/Create ZipForm® Plus Account
  • Integrate property data from MLS Connect in ZipForms, or link from RPR®.
  • Create tasks and assign them to involved parties homeowner, lender, inspector, etc.
  • Gather digital signatures for paperless document delivery.
  • Check with your Brokerage to see if they want you to use these forms or the ones they provide (i.e., Dotloop)

RPR® Realtors Property Resource

Go to iTunes or Google Play store and download RPR app for free. Easiest account set up is on the website version, accessible on the MIBOR dashboard.

  • A benefit of your NAR membership. It is strictly a data resource for NAR members. The only way the public has access to the information is through a report that you may generate through RPR.
  • Provides comprehensive property-centric data from over 350 data sources.
  • Nationwide information 144 million+ parcels.
  • CMA Functionality, Presentation ready reports so you don’t have to build your own.


Opportunity on a Map - Go to the iTunes or Google Play store to download the Remine app.

  • Remine provides a straightforward map based system for targeted farming and marketing, identifying opportunities for listings.
  • Google Search based Data not normally found in listing, such as demographics, postal data, census data.
  • Merged property data from 50+ sources
  • (Best known for Map Overlays)
    • Sell Score combines property data with consumer behavior
  • Track properties for streamlined prospecting
  • Add on subscription available
  • Target your area to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.


Integrated into Matrix listings, available on the dashboard. Download the Showing Time app from iTunes or Google Play store.

  • Streamline communication for showings
  • Coordinates agent requests with homeowner for quicker response
  • Customize client time preferences
  • Schedule from the listing view in the BLC®
  • Any agent can schedule a showing through it. There is no fee
  • List Agents are offered 2 levels of service to handle their listings
    • Appointment Center Service (Fee) = The ShowingTime Appointment Center monitors all showing and cancellation requests. They make sure the showings have been confirmed or cancelled, by those the Listing Agent has specified, when putting the listing in ShowingTime’s system.
      • The fee is paid either by the Listing Agent OR the Brokerage. Talk with your Managing Broker to find out what is offered through your office.
    • Self-Service (Free) = The Listing Agent Accepts or Declines ALL showings through the ShowingTime app or computer platform.


A public record database that integrates with the BLC system.

  • Allows quick research of properties and listings, market conditions and trends, home values, comparable sales, custom reports.
  • Assessment and tax history, sale history, mortgage history, flood maps school zones, community demographics, etc.

Downstream IDX

Internet Data Exchange allows BLC® Listings to be searched/displayed on participating broker websites.

  • MIBOR provides a data feed ( that can be embedded on agent or office website.
  • Once the code is added to a website, consumers can search property in any number of defined search areas. Listing company is attributed as required by fair display standards.
  • Website vendor is required MIBOR does not design or program websites.
  • Before signing up for any IDX vendor or feed, check with your Broker age to see if they already have something in place.

RE technology

This is a source for content delivered to you on a variety of topics.

  • A comprehensive real estate technology website that makes it easy to stay current with technology trend.
  • Daily tips, tricks, and education al articles on leveraging technology.
  • Comprehensive directory of real estate technology products.
  • Reviews of new apps and real estate tools.
  • Industry news.
  • Live educational webinars. Leads

Offers agents a way to claim and manage leads they may get when consumers search for properties on and ask for someone to contact them.

  • The Listing Agent has a specified amount of time (determined by the specific brokerage) to claim leads from their listing. If not claimed, the lead goes out to general office pool of that Brokerage.
  • Has a search feature for properties

Your for Professionals dashboard is your launching pad to manage your online presence and grow your business on

  • Free tools available to manage your leads, listings, and profile.
  • Access to detailed reporting and shareable content to position yourself as the local market expert.