Open House Checklist!

Open House Checklist!

Posted by: Lacey Everett on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 8:00:00 am

Spring is here and the buying and selling season is off to a positive start. It has been an active first quarter in the central Indiana housing market.

New Listings in central Indiana increased 0.5 percent in March over March, 2014. This follows much-needed double digit increases in New Listings in January and February.

So what does an active spring housing market mean for you? Well, one thing you're sure to notice beyond the flowers starting to bloom, are those all familiar open house signs popping up in many neighborhoods.  

Before you make an attempt to navigate an open house, it's important to get prepared so you can make the most of your time. recently published a very helpful checklist for open house visits and we're happy to share that with you today. 

  • Talk to a mortgage professional to learn what products are available to you based on your credit scores, income and expenses. This way you have confidence knowing exactly what price home is within your financial comfort zone.

  • Look at a map and make a decision of what areas are best suited for your commuting needs, school requirements, proximity to family/friends, and overall lifestyle preferences.

  • Start looking online at what is available within those areas.

  • Visit a few open houses if available. Drive through neighborhoods and turn your emotions on “low” and your instincts on “high.”

  • Connect with a REALTOR® to show you some of the properties from your narrowed down list. REALTORS® will have the latest information on price adjustments, availability, and additional factors not included in many online sites.

  • When visiting homes take a notebook. Your notes should include positives and negatives you see about each house. Write down any first impressions, good or bad, and anything that will help jog your memory at another time. Don’t skip this step as you will find it helps you later.
The biggest takeaway here is to take good notes, and work with an expert - a REALTOR®! 
Happy hunting!


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