Making the Move Easier on Your Kids

Making the Move Easier on Your Kids

Posted by: Claire Belby on Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 11:00:00 am

Making the Move Easier on Your Kids

Moving can be a stressful event for anyone, but it can be particularly tough on kids who may be resistant to, or even fearful of, the unknown. Couple that with leaving friends, the neighborhood they love, their room, perhaps even a school change and you are talking about a life-altering event for a young person.

REALTORS® address the needs of not only their buyers and sellers, but their client’s children as well. We’ve even heard of one central Indiana REALTOR® who hires an ice cream truck to visit their client’s new neighborhoods shortly after they move in. What a way to make new friends – ice cream for everyone!

But what can you do to help ease the transition if you are planning a move for your family? Local REALTORS® offer tips they have seen parents use to effectively ease the big event.

  • Involve your children in the house selection to the extent that is reasonable. When you have narrowed your choice to 1 or 2 homes, take the kids to a showing or show them photos online. Help them imagine their place in the new home.
  • Encourage your children to organize a moving sale. They can help organize and tag items. Involve them in the decision about how the proceeds will be spent. Maybe a new flat screen TV or gaming system the whole family can enjoy.
  • Help them create new address cards to distribute to the friends they leave in the old neighborhood.
  • Make packing fun. Let your child brighten up those brown moving boxes with art of their own. Give them a special set of markers and let them color away!
  • If possible, spread the move over a few days.
  • Just before the move, create a box of the child’s items. Include everything they will need for the first few days such as clothes and their special toys. Pack it in a clear Lucite bin so everything is easily found.
  • Do something special the first night in the house, like pizza and a movie. Take pictures to remember the occasion.
  • Unpack your child’s room first.
  • If a school move is involved and you are moving over the summer, be sure to participate in any pre-school year social activities. Practice driving to school on the new route together so your child knows what to expect that first day.

More than any specific tip, just talk to your kids. Tell them as much as you can about the move and ask them how they feel about it. Chances are, you’ll learn a lot and can deal with any fears or anxieties early on.



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