My House is Amazing. Why No Offers?

My House is Amazing. Why No Offers?

Posted by: Claire Belby on Sunday, September 6, 2015 at 7:00:00 am

My House is Amazing. Why No Offers?

In a fast moving housing market like we are experiencing right now, it can be frustrating to list your home and not get a quick offer. After all, you are hearing stories of multiple offers and quick selling times for other homes. Why aren’t you in that camp?

REALTORS® say it is almost the same answer every time – price, condition and location. If the location of your home is not desirable to buyers in your area, it’s tough to overcome. The good news? Sellers have complete control over price and condition.

Let’s tackle price first. It is imperative to take emotion out of your pricing decision. Listen to your REALTOR®. Your agent has access to historical data about comparable homes that have sold in your area over time. They know how to price your home. Listen as you set that first price and listen extra carefully if they advise you that a price reduction is in order.

If you think your home may have some condition issues, local REALTOR® Kathy Hall suggests a pre-listing inspection. She says getting the inspection completed before listing helps the sellers prioritize what needs work and allows the seller to get it done on their time instead in the truncated window of time that occurs between signed agreement and closing. She says one of the best reasons for a pre-listing inspection is that it allows the sellers to shop the best price for a fix and shows the buyer that you have taken care of any known issues.

Your REALTOR® knows the exact selling times of homes in your area and that’s one of the best ways to set your expectations. It’s no guarantee, but it is one place to start. Happy selling!


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