Do You Know the Top 10 Benefits of Buying a Home?

Do You Know the Top 10 Benefits of Buying a Home?

Posted by: Jaime Barb on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 6:00:00 am

Not only is buying a home the American dream, but it is also an enormous task. You have to check your credit, apply for a mortgage, close the deal and move in! So why do so many people go through the trouble of purchasing a home? Because they know the benefits will outweigh any stubbed toes or headaches they may endure.

If you’re second guessing your house hunt or just want to know the advantage of owning a home, check out the list below of the top 10 perks of buying a new home. 

  1. Predictable monthly housing payments
  2. Appreciation
  3. Tax benefits
  4. Freedom to make modifications
  5. It’s cheaper
  6. Increase privacy
  7. Built-in rainy day fund
  8. Community ties
  9. A secure retirement
  10. It’s yours!

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