Buyers: 5 Tips for Approaching the Open House

Buyers: 5 Tips for Approaching the Open House

Posted by: Jaime Barb on Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 12:00:00 am

Buyers: 5 Tips for Approaching the Open House

The “open house” has long been a tradition in real estate. Each weekend homes across the country have signs in their yard pointing buyers in the direction of open houses. For potential buyers these open houses are a perfect time to see the home you have been eyeing and have all of your questions answered.

Below are 5 tips from on the best ways to approach an open house.

  1. Focus on what you know: Start your open house search in the areas that you are interested in buying. If you like a certain part of town, start there.
  2. Be open to higher and lower price ranges: If you are approved for $350,000, also check out the houses that are priced at $275,000 as well as $400,000.
  3. Watch the people at an open house: You may be a serious buyer, but you’re new to the market and haven’t seen enough to know how to react to a particular home, its price or how it shows. Chances are there will be other experienced buyers at the open house that do know.
  4. Pick the showing agent’s brain: The agent at an open house may be the agent representing the seller. This person will know the market and the house and neighborhood.
  5. Know the days on market

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