Haunted Attractions in Indy

Haunted Attractions in Indy

Posted by: Andrew Huber on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 6:00:00 am

We all have memories we cling to; that we identify with.  Memories that we believe explain who are today.  For me I have a collection of all the memories I have of attending haunted attractions with friends on a chilly October night.  Necropolis, Field of Screams (R.I.P.), Nightmare on Edgewood, Fright Manor, Fear Farm, and most recently Indy ScreamPark.  Hearing the commercials casually pop up on the radio in between a jewelry ad and a car dealership- chains banging, ghouls moaning, and a sinister voice daring you to attend their attraction this Halloween season. 

But then the decision process sets in on which attraction gets your time and money.  Many factors play in- cost, location, and most importantly- IS IT SCARY? 

I ran a simple Yelp search “Haunted Houses” around Indy.  I’m excited to report I’m seeing new names on this list!  Coming in at number one is an attraction I’ve never heard of: “The Thirteenth Hour Haunted Attraction”.  I love the name.  Let’s hear what one of its victims had to say:

“The actors were awesome and the set and special effects were killer. Scares were around every corner and although they couldn't touch you the actors got very close and kept in great character. The haunt actually scared my boyfriend, which I enjoyed! He also really enjoyed the sound effects and music effects.”

Tickets start at $16 for a night you won’t forget.  The attraction is located on Keystone Ave just 10 minutes from downtown Indy.  You can read more here

Coming from personal experience I’ve always enjoyed Jamestown’s Fear Farm.  It’s family owned and operated and includes a haunted hayride.  Also, the classic Necropolis and its variety of haunted houses for a one stop shop of scares. 

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