What to Know Before You Mount your TV

What to Know Before You Mount your TV

Posted by: Andrew Huber on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 6:00:00 am

A lot has changed with home entertainment.  Twenty years ago the bigger, more cumbersome your home entertainment system, the better!  Now with thin televisions, streaming, and wireless setups, the approach is a simple, sleek look for your home entertainment. 

No matter how elaborate your entertainment system is, it all revolves around the crown jewel- the television.  As televisions get thinner, wider, and smarter, one thing gets less important: the tv stand.  Nowadays, the preferred style of television is literally mounting it to your wall.

So you’ve decided to mount your television.  What should you consider before drilling holes into your wall?  This article from television manufacturer Samsung has a few tips-

  1. Structural integrity. Yes, tvs are no longer extremely, dangerously… like insanely heavy like they used to be.  But they can still weigh 30-40 pounds.  Be sure your wall mount is attached to a stud.  This can be easily found using a stud finder.  
  2. Height.  As an avid movie lover, this one was a major advantage when making the decision.  We are no longer reliant on the height of a tv stand.  We can mount that tv as high as we want!  What you want to do is sit down at your favorite spot and stare at the point on the wall that’s most comfortable (consider where you sit in the movie theater).  Have someone then measure on the wall where your eyes are most comfortable. 
  3. Outlets.  For the foreseeable future, our TVs still need a power source. So be considerate of the power cable and most efficient way to your nearest outlet.  Also consider devices that will be connected to your tv: video game systems and Blu-ray/4k/DVD players. 

As the television stand becomes obsolete, let’s be optimistic for the future- mounting every tv in your house.  No longer requiring all that real estate in your home for a television.  You now have this seamless, innovative aesthetic with your television.  Now that you’ve achieved the freedom of mounted televisions, sit back and re-watch an episode of “The Office” for the 100th time in style (Casino Night is the best episode).     


Read the full Samsung article here


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