Turning Your Backyard into a Stay at Home Oasis

Turning Your Backyard into a Stay at Home Oasis

Posted by: Sierra Troitsky on Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 6:00:00 am

After what has seemed like a really long spring season, the weather in central Indiana is finally starting to warm up! So whip out your sunscreen and power washer and put in a few hours to turn your backyard into an outdoor space you won’t want to leave. Here are some things you can do this weekend without having to run to any home improvement stores:

  1. Start by sweeping off any dirt and dust from your patio or deck, get rid of any leaves and pinecones, and prune away any dead branches
  2. Power wash, hose down, or scrub down decking/tables/chairs/etc.
  3. Weed garden beds! If it’s a nice day, you can spray a vinegar/salt/dish detergent mixture to kill weeds in cement cracks and other places you don’t want things to grow. Just beware – it’ll kill whatever plants you put it on!
  4. Bring out any cushions or décor that you’ve been storing all winter
  5. Edge any sidewalks or pathways with a flat head shovel or weed eater
  6. Find some old holiday lights and string them up for a fun bistro look
  7. Have any old jars lying around? Make them into hanging mini lanterns or use them for table hurricanes in the evening

And now, make something delicious or pick up from a local restaurant and enjoy in your lovely backyard!


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