Breaking Barriers Scholarship

Breaking Barriers Scholarship

The Breaking Barriers Scholarship Program is designed to increase the recruitment, retention, and success of minority real estate professionals in central Indiana.

This scholarship is in honor of Dr. Daisy Riley Lloyd, who broke the barriers of entry into the real estate profession in central Indiana as the first black woman to be granted MIBOR membership in 1970 after being rejected the first time she applied. This scholarship is designed to cover the costs for aspiring underrepresented minority real estate professionals to become licensed to practice real estate in Indiana and to obtain membership in MIBOR REALTOR® Association. Up to 4 scholarships will be awarded annually.

Learn more about Dr. Daisy Riley Lloyd here. 

Applications will be accepted September 1st through October 31st

Scholarship Application


Applicants must: 

  • Be a racial minority (Black or African American, Asian American, Hispanic or Latino, Pacific Islander, American Indian or Asian Indian) 
  • Be an Indiana resident 
  • Have completed a licensing course and passed State examination 
  • Meet all Indiana Real Estate licensing criteria 
  • Meet MIBOR membership criteria 
  • Plan to be a full-time real estate agent 
  • Either not be a current member or has been a member of MIBOR for no more than 6 months at the time of application 
  • Have a mentor (Designated REALTOR®/Managing Broker or REALTOR® member) 
  • Submit two (2) letters of recommendation, one from the mentor and one other professional reference 
  • Commit to completing the MIBOR Master Professional Certification Program within 2 years of receipt of scholarship ($250 value, to be waived) 


For 2022, applications will be accepted September 1st through October 31st. For 2023 and beyond, applications will be accepted twice a year, January 1st through 31st and July 1st through 31st. Applicants must include at least two (2) letters of recommendation, one from their mentor and one from a personal or professional reference. The Scholarship Panel (“Panel”) will meet to review all applications and determine which applicants should be given further consideration. Final candidates will be required to participate in an interview by the Panel. The Panel will consist of 2 MIBOR Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee members, 1 MIBOR employee, and 1 MIBOR officer. The Panel will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors of scholarship recipients and the Board of Directors will make the final determination. 

Once the scholarships are awarded, recipients will be reimbursed for their completed pre-licensing course and state licensing/exam fees upon proof of completion/payment for each. MIBOR-related fees will be handled internally once the recipient applies for membership or when dues/fees are assessed (for applicants that are already a member). 


The scholarship covers up to $2500 per recipient which must be used towards the following: 

  • Real Estate Pre-licensure Course 
  • State licensing application and examination fees 
  • MIBOR initial application fees, tech fees, and dues (equivalent of 1 year of same) 
  • IAR/NAR initial fees and dues (equivalent of 1 year of same) 
  • MIBOR Master Professional Certification Program – 2 years to complete 

Scholarship recipients must apply for MIBOR membership within 60 days of notification of award.