Dues & Fees Breakdown

Dues & Fees Breakdown

As a REALTOR® you are not only a member of MIBOR, at the local level, but you are also a member of the Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). As a member of all three organizations it is important for you to understand the benefits each has to offer.

REALTOR® Membership Dues ($719 Annually)

On behalf of the MIBOR Board of Directors and the staff, we want our members to know the COVID-19 crisis has not weakened our resolve to empower our members and strengthen the marketplace. Our commitment to this industry and our members has not waivered even as the environment around us has changed dramatically. We understand that some of our members may be experiencing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. In response to this, we have updated our 2020 Dues Billing Plan.

The new plan offers two options for our members. The first option extends the annual due date to July 31, 2020 (previously July 1) allowing more time to pay the full amount. The second option allows REALTOR® members to opt-in to a three-month payment plan by June 15th. The first payment will be processed at the time of opt-in. The two additional payments will be processed through auto pay only.

Membership dues were billed on Thursday, May 21st.


  • Members MUST “opt-in” by June 15th, with the initial payment processed at the time of opt-in
  • Once initial payment is made, the second two will be processed through auto-pay on dates given below
  • First payment of $240 processed at the time opt-in (deadline is June 15)
  • $240 auto payment processed on July 15
  • $239 auto payment processed on August 14
  • A credit card is required for this option
  • To “opt-in” to the payment plan, please follow the below instructions


  • Members who do not opt-in to the payment plan will be given a due date extension of July 31 (previously July 1)
  • Members who are currently registered for auto pay will have their payment processed on July 22
  • If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please include your MIBOR member number on your payment, make payable to MIBOR REALTOR® Association and mail to:
MIBOR REALTOR® Association
1912 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Membership Benefits

MIBOR Technology Fees

Technology fees can be paid annually or semi-annually. By paying annually, you will save $35. The schedule for billing is as follows:

  • Annual ($456):
    • Billed February, due in March
  • Semi-Annual ($245.50):
    • Billed February, due in March;
    • Billed August, due in September

How to Pay Your Bill

Dues and fees can be paid securely online using any credit card via Pay Your Bill on your MIBOR BLC® Dashboard. You may also pay in person using a check, money order, or credit card. Autopay is available for both dues and tech fees, please fill out the auto pay form here.


**All dues and fees are subject to change.** 

Annual REALTOR® Member Dues: $719
Annual Affiliate Dues: $215
Tech Fees Annual: $456
Tech Fees Semi-Annual: $245.50

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why does MIBOR bill in the middle of the year?

In 1992, the MIBOR Board of Directors voted to move the annual billing to accommodate the cash flow needs of MIBOR members.

What is the $35 ad fee?

The NAR ad fee is for the marketing of your REALTOR® brand.

Why do I pay MIBOR, IAR, and NAR?

Your membership with MIBOR automatically extends your membership to the state association (IAR) and the national association (NAR). As your local association, MIBOR collects for all three associations for your convenience.

When is my payment due?

The 2020 Billing plan offers two options for our members. The first option extends the annual due date to July 31, 2020 (previously July 1) allowing more time to pay the full amount. The second options allows members to opt-in to a three-month payment plan. Members must opt-in by June 15th. The first payment will be processed at the time of opt-in. The opt-in option will be available once dues are posted.

For those that choose not to opt-in to the payment plan and are already registered for auto payment, your credit card will be charged on July 22.

What if I am late on my payment?


If electing the payment plan and a member misses a payment because of a declined card, MIBOR will reach out to the member to determine the issue.  If the member is unresponsive to MIBOR’s communication then we will suspend services. This will be a two day process. Contact from MIBOR on day 1 and if not corrected by day 2 suspension will occur.


If your payment is not received by July 31, annually, services will be suspended, including access to the MIBOR Broker Listing Cooperative (BLC®) listing service. On August 31, offices who hold the unpaid member's license will also have their access to the MIBOR BLC® Listing Service suspended until a payment is received or notification to MIBOR that they are no longer holding the unpaid member's license.

Must I invest in RPAC?

Investment in RPAC is voluntary. The suggested voluntary contribution may be excluded from payment. CLICK HERE to better understand the importance of investing in RPAC.

Are my dues refundable?

MIBOR dues are not refundable. If you leave the business, IAR and NAR dues are eligible for a refund. Refund requests for IAR and NAR dues must be received by December 31. Contact with questions!