Lockbox Service

Lockbox Service


Through the direction of our leadership, a core focus of MIBOR REALTOR® Association is to ensure an efficient marketplace by providing technology resources through the MIBOR Broker Listing Cooperative® (BLC®) listing service that enables members to best serve their clients.

Providing an electronic lock box solution is the most efficient and safest solution to ensuring security of the homeowner and buyer’s agents. It gives the greatest control of accessibility and the best reporting. MIBOR is proud to offer our members a lock box service powered by Master Lock.

With the option to fully integrate with BrokerBay, Master Lock provides members one convenient solution to manage the entire property showing process, from scheduling to accessing properties.

As a global leader in security for nearly 100 years, The Master Lock Company promises to be a strong partner within our market capable of supporting the current and future needs of our members for many years to come.

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Please follow the steps below for how to purchase a Master Lock lock box.

Purchasing New Master Lock lock boxes

The MIBOR subsidized cost for a new Master Lock lock box is $70 plus tax and shipping (retail $145).

To purchase Master Lock lock boxes through our REALTOR® Store, visit, select the item for Master Lock Lock Box, add the item to your cart and choose to either “pick up “or “ship to me.”

Members can also choose to shop our REALTOR® Store in-person to purchase new Master Lock lock boxes. The REALTOR Store is open Monday thru Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and closed on Fridays.


  • Why did MIBOR make the switch to Master Lock?
    The move to Master Lock helps us to accomplish our focus of moving together, forward and provides a more simplified mobile experience to our members.

    Listing inventory levels, paired with SentriLock lock box shortages and the additional changes SentriKey has announced about their products and services, make this the best time for this transition.  

  • What is the cost of a Master Lock lock box?
    Master Lock boxes are available for purchase for a discounted price of $70 plus tax for MIBOR members (retail $146). 

  • Do I need to download the Master Lock Vault Application?
    This application will only be used for lock box owners to take ownership and manage the settings of their lock boxes. To efficiently process the assignment of your new Master Lock Bluetooth electronic lock boxes, please download and login to the Master Lock Vault Enterprise application on your mobile device. You login credentials will be found in an email from

    All MIBOR  BLC subscribers have access to MIBOR's showing and property access system powered by BrokerBay. BrokerBay can be used to schedule and manage showing appointments, provide 3D virtual showings, issue and track communications, review analytics and more. Visit for more information.

  • What happens if my electronic Master Lock box battery is dead?
    A 9-Volt battery applied to contacts on the bottom of the box will charge enough to open the box and change the internal batteries.

  • What happens if my electronic Master Lock box is unresponsive, but not due to a battery issue?
    If the lock box is under warranty, Master Lock will cover the replacement. Removal from a property will be the responsibility of the listing agent/brokerage.
  • I work in a market that uses a different electronic lock box provider predominately. How will other agents receive access to properties using my Master Lock lock box?
    Access to the lock boxes, regardless of brand, will be transmitted through the showing solution utilized. Whether using the MIBOR BLC showing solution powered by BrokerBay, or an alternative solution contracted by the brokerage, either will be able to facilitate access to the lock box either by bluetooth through the app or by providing a temporary access code specific to the listing appointment. 

  • Are MIBOR members required to use these lock boxes?MIBOR does not require the use of an electronic lock box, however we support the use because of the additional security and audit functionality provided through their use.

  • What do I do with my SentriLock lock box?
    We are no longer exchanging SentriLock lock boxes. If you are in possession of SentriLock lock boxes, please see the recycling information below.
  • Should I drop my SentriLock App? Does it have any further use? SentriLock will be retired from the MIBOR services on March 1, 2022. Beginning on that date, there will be no use for the SentriLock app. The app will not function after this date. Until then, the app will be necessary to gain entry until our contract is fully expired on March 1.

  • How will MIBOR members schedule showings outside of the MIBOR Service Area once SentriLock is replaced?

    Beginning Tuesday, March 1, 2022, MIBOR’s contract with SentriLock expires and MIBOR will have no access to manage or transfer SentriLock lock boxes. SentriLock boxes within the MIBOR service area will no longer be operable at this time.

    If an agent is also a member of another association/MLS that continues to offer a different platform such as SentriLock, those services will continue to be available.

    For MIBOR members, the reciprocity arrangement previously controlled through SentriLock will now be in the hands of the agent at the time of appointment request.

    A non-MIBOR agent can set up showings on a listing by contacting the listing office/agent to request an appointment. The listing office or agent can then set the showing up through MIBOR's Showing and Property Access Platform, powered by BrokerBay. The confirmation for the showing will include a code for the lock box that is good for the appointment time. The non-member may also choose to call the Appointment by Phone number on the listing 317.218.0600, Option 1

    All other conditions of the showings are negotiated as usual for non-MIBOR members. If a MIBOR member wishes to show a property in another service area, they will simply schedule the appointment as usual through the method determined by the listing agent. Access arrangements are then provided through the method of the listing agent’s preference.

Recycling Resources

*Please be advised that some recycling locations may require a fee. It may be best to call the location prior to your visit for additional information. Please watch this video for help on removing batteries from the NXT Wireless & Bluetooth lock boxes, for help with GEN I and GEN II lock boxes, you can review this Sentrilock's GENI/GENII battery changing guide.

If your batteries are dead and you can't open your lock box, please fill out the Lockbox Power Paddle Request Form to request use of a power paddle.

Technology Recyclers
8401 East Washington

(O): 1-800-237-3887/Direct Line: 317.775.2492.

Recycle Scrap Metal (Zores)
1300 North Mickey
(O) 317- 247-8484.

Recycle Pro Indy
2235 Montcalm Street
(O ) 463-221-1678.

End of Life Electronics

15529 Stony Creek Way,

Noblesville, IN 46060

(O ) 317-849-7314


Hanna's Wrecker and Salvage
3501 W Kelly St
Indianapolis, IN
(O) 317-808-0011




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