Value of Membership

Value of Membership


As a MIBOR member, you are part of an 8,600+ strong member base. You have access to a staff that is dedicated to your success and the success of the REALTOR®. And, as part of your three-tiered membership, you have access to and support from the state and national REALTOR® associations – IAR and NAR.

MIBOR REALTOR® Association empowers members and strengthens the marketplace in central Indiana through collaboration, advocacy, professionalism, education, and innovation.



We know that growing your network is key to success in the real estate industry. That’s why we offer a variety of ways for you to get involved and grow your business. 

MIBOR NextGen helps rising real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them resources and encouragement to become involved in leadership, networking, and community. This opportunity is gauged toward members who are brand new to the business, but all members are welcome to attend NG events!

Members are also encouraged to attend and get involved with one (or more) of our 13 divisions. Divisions offer an opportunity to network with other real estate professionals and keep informed through guest speakers and presentations on relevant industry topics.

Philanthropic opportunities are aplenty with The REALTOR® Foundation – through charitable events and committees, you can check networking and goodwill off your list!


MIBOR monitors all local units of government in the 12-county area, and builds relationships and lobbies elected officials on the local level to ensure that new and existing laws and ordinances do not adversely affect your business.  

We also monitor fraudulent activity and scams in the marketplace to keep you and your clients safe. 

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We offer numerous educational opportunities every year to keep you in the know about all things real estate and ensure that you are the source for your clients. Our educational opportunities include: 

BE THE SOURCE Being the source for your clients is essential in this industry. MIBOR ensures you stay up to date on professionalism, advocacy, technology, and marketplace data and trends through our weekly publication, REALTOR® Weekly. We keep you updated as legislative events unfold or scams come under our radar through our Facebook and urgent alert emails.

MIBOR is also your source for market data, with our monthly housing Market Insights and snapshot data that includes the entire MIBOR service area, as well as a breakdown by county. 

Data and research are crucial to achieving our goals of ensuring market efficiency, strengthening our communities, preserving member relevancy and being the definitive source. MIBOR utilizes these tools to shape public policy, influence economic and community development issues and understand and influence the future of our housing market for our communities and the region.


Technology: The MIBOR Broker Listing Cooperative® is your platform for listing and finding properties for you clients. The MIBOR BLC® safeguards market information and enforces rules that govern market participation – ensuring communication and cooperation that results in an efficient and healthy real estate marketplace.

We also offer a variety of tech tools (and tech support!) to aid in the success of you and your clients, including Sentrilock for safely accessing every listing you manage, Remine for efficient and effective market targeting, Down Payment Resources for helping eligible buyers afford a down payment, and so much more.


MIBOR REALTOR® Association understands the importance of the professionalism of its members, not only to ensure an efficient and conflict free marketplace but to ensure that consumers continue to appreciate the value of a REALTOR® in their transaction. MIBOR, like the National Association of REALTORS®, believes that it is incumbent upon our members to identify and take steps to eliminate conduct that discredits or brings dishonor to the real estate profession as well as practices which may be harmful to the public.  

In advancement of that goal, MIBOR offers a wide variety of solutions to issues and disputes that may arise between REALTORS ® or REALTORS® and their clients. These solutions are designed to educate members on the expectations of professionalism and adherence to the Code of Ethics and to eliminate conduct contrary to those principles. 

As a member, you can benefit from our professional services including mediation, arbitration, ombuds, and our professionalism program.

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