Showing and Property Access System

Showing and Property Access System

About MIBOR's Showing and property access system

BrokerBay is MIBOR's showing and property access system. The platform is a next generation showing management ecosystem and one of the fastest growing showing management companies in North America. BrokerBay is included as a core product and  service  currently offered as a subscriber to the MIBOR Broker Listing Cooperative® (BLC) Listing Service.  

BrokerBay offers agents and clients a user-friendly interface while keeping administrators, agents, offices and teams connected.

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Our partnership with  BrokerBay  allows  MIBOR BLC  subscribers access to the full suite of  BrokerBay  tools that can be used to schedule and manage showing appointments, provide 3D virtual showings, issue and track communications, review analytics and more. 

In addition, Broker Bay fully integrates with our lock box provider, Master Lock. With the integration, members have one convenient solution to manage the entire property showing process, from scheduling to accessing properties.

Note: Managing Brokers MUST complete the registration process with BrokerBay prior to participation.  Brokerages that do not plan to use BrokerBay must advise MIBOR by completing this form. Follow the steps under "BrokerBay registration" for more.

How to configure listings in the MIBOR BLC

MIBOR’s Showings and Property Access ecosystem is designed to facilitate secure, efficient appointment booking and showing experiences. To ensure every showing appointment is a success, listing agents have a critical role in making sure their listing is configured prior to accepting appointment requests. This process takes less than 5 minutes and will enable optimal use of the systems for sellers, buyers, and your fellow REALTOR® members!

A configured listing provides detailed reporting for Showing History and Access along with the ability to track all communications regarding the showing and lock box access for auditing, when the BrokerBay mobile application is used to unlock the box.

  1. In the MIBOR BLC Listing Service, set the Showing Service selection to “BrokerBay.”

  2. Once the listing is submitted, click the Manage BrokerBay link on the listing edit screen, or the BrokerBay tile from the BLC Dashboard. (Note: This ability will soon be available on Incomplete listings in the BLC so the listing configuration can be added prior to the listing being submitted as Active.)

  3. Click on Showing Configuration for the listing and enter the Showing Instructions and Access Type. It is critical to have the lock box assigned prior to accepting showing appointments, for the appointment confirmation and property access to properly function. An appointment can be requested on an unconfigured listing, but any confirmed appointments will need to be further managed by the listing agent if information is missing from these key fields.

    Example of unconfigured listing:

Requesting an appointment:

Example of configured listing:


Brokerbay enhancements

Click here here to keep updated with changes we've made with each release! 

COMPLETED (Current Version 3.42)

  • BrokerBay design has been enhanced to comply with the Accessibilities for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).
  • Users can now control how many overlapping showings can be booked on a property
  • Infinite scrolling has been implemented when searching for a brokerage within the Chat Tool
  • A warning modal will now appear:
    • when attempting to edit a listing
    • when selecting seller/contacts to confirm without a listed contact
  • Phone number fields will now only accept numerical characters
  • When exporting CSV reports from the Showings Tab, date filters will now be correctly reflected in the displayed data
  • In the Contacts tab:
    • searching for a user will no longer cause an error 
    • selecting a user will no longer cause an error
    • archived contacts will now be correctly displayed when filtering
  • When exporting showing activity, the virtual tours tab will now always appear
  • Within MIBOR:
    • Pending showings will now be automatically cancelled when a listing has stopped accepting showings
    • Future showings will now be automatically disabled when a listing has stopped accepting showing
  • Listing Agents can now find their incomplete listings on the BrokerBay Mobile App


  • V.3.43 (Targeted early August, 2022)

    • Mobile app push notifications for Listing Agents when feedback is received
    • Mobile app ability to set custom time duration for appraisals & inspections
    • Solution for MIBOR secondary members using alternative platforms for listing setup, but granting use to schedule via BrokerBay
    • Default “Leave Business Card” to unchecked
    • Showing configuration prompt – send automatic update to scheduled showing agents when configuration is changed (ex. Lock box updated)

    v. 3.44 (Targeted late August, 2022)

    • Template settings for feedback reports
    • Enhanced functionality for agent transferring offices



  • BrokerBay design has been enhanced to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines act
  • Listing Agents can now find their incomplete listings on the BrokerBay Mobile App
  • The following enhancements have been made to the BrokerBay Live Concierge:
    • From the Live Concierge Service tab, a brokerage or agent can now adjust which listings are serviced.
    • From the Live Concierge Service tab, a brokerage or agent can now select a default concierge preference for new listings.

Trainings, Webinars and videos
Visit our technology training page to search through our class options to learn more about BrokerBay!
Watch one of our previously recorded webinars to learn more about BrokerBay and how it allows users to easily schedule and manage showings, provide 3D virtual showings, track communications, review analytics and more.

Appraisers! Watch this quick tutorial on how to book showings on BrokerBay represented listings and what it will  look like to get a confirmation.
Inspectors! Watch the video below on how to use the BrokerBay system to conduct your business efficiently.
Want fast feedback? Watch this quick tutorial on how to automatically request feedback for showings through BrokerBay.
The video below features Broker Bay experts teaching you the ins and outs of successfully using Broker Bay. Refer back to this training for in-depth instructions on how to navigate and utilize Broker Bay most efficiently.
brokerbay registration

Managing Brokers MUST complete the registration process with BrokerBay or notify MIBOR of an alternate platform usage.

If your office has not yet registered to participate with BrokerBay, please note that participation is critical as BrokerBay is also used to access the Master Lock electronic Bluetooth lock boxes.

Managing brokers, or designated admin, please follow the steps below to get started.


Step 1: Navigate to your MIBOR BLC Dashboard and click the BrokerBay icon. This will launch an on-boarding portal to quickly and simply take managing brokers through the process to get started with BrokerBay.

Note: This process must be completed prior to participating in the lock box conversion with Master Lock.

Step 2 – Complete Your Profile  and upload company  logo. Registration requires confirming the contact information for the managing broker and the brokerage. Review the information and add any missing details. Your logo will be what is seen by all associates using the platform.

Step 3 - Select a launch date. Select a launch date. This date is the day your brokerage's listings will "go live" for booking in the BrokerBay platform, and the booking icon and contact information will appear in the BLC for other members to book appointments on your listings.
Step 4 - Verify your information and attend a training. Between the date you register and your launch date, please verify your agents and listings. This is also a great time to attend training on the platform via on-demand videos or one of the many live virtual trainings offered.
Step 5 - Share the news with agents in your office! You have the option to quickly send a pre-written message with important details to your agents. Once invited, agents will be able to log in to the platform to confirm contact information, upload profile photo, complete training webinars and review any listings they have in Active and Pending status. As listings will be imported to the platform from the BLC Listing Service, agents will need to add showing instructions to these properties.

Step 6 - Launch Day! On the launch day you selected, your configured listings will show the BrokerBay showing icon in the MIBOR Broker Listing Cooperative Listing Service.

As is done today, your staff (or your agents) will need to individually select BrokerBay on each listing within the MIBOR BLC listing platform, in order for the BrokerBay appointment button to be displayed for online bookings.


The MIBOR Broker Listing Cooperative offers a wide variety of tools, and combined with your membership with MIBOR you can master your tool kit and equip yourself for success. Click below to view the other tools available through the BLC.


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